Monday, March 5, 2018

2/26 - 3/2

The class continued progress on P1 and the Chimeras. On Tuesday, we had to go to the sea3D lab. Thursday was the final critique on the P1 assignment.

2/19 - 2/23

We continued progress on the P1 assignment and working on 3D modeling ( making the chimichanga thing )

Monday, February 19, 2018

2/12 - 2/16

This week the Tuesday class was cancelled and the due date of the first project was moved. On Thursday, we picked up on learning how to work with 3D CAD programs.

Response to "An Essay on the New Aesthetic"

I strongly feel like this article was typed up by a Tumblr browsing, Cafe Press using hipster with very little knowledge on what he's actually talking about but it's surprisingly not. You can make it half way through the article and he's still rambling about what the "New Aesthetic" ISN'T... I'm still questioning what it even is since I don't think this guy even knows. I believe this article could've been way stronger if the author would've been straight to the point, rather than dodging the purpose of the article for the majority of the time. Only thing I really learned from this was that the "new aesthetic" is "cool, weird, provocative, suggestive, otherworldly, but it is also impoverished" but that just fits in with the other biased statements made by this author since all those elements are based on an individuals personal opinion. The disappointment with this article follows all the way to the end when the author says that the "new aesthetic" is just ripping off the "modern aesthetic", introducing a new concept and loosely incorporating it in the ending. When an author has to put "that is my thesis" in their final paragraph, you can generally tell that their thesis wasn't clear enough in the article as is. Overall, media outlets should hire the appropriate people to write about their chosen topics because this topic seemed too "modern" for the given author.

Monday, February 12, 2018

2/5 - 2/9

This week we continued to progress on our P1 assignment and learned about rendering and craftinh 3D models within a CAD program.

Monday, February 5, 2018

1/29 - 2/2

During this week, we continued to work on our first project and finish up our vinyl assignment. For this assignment, we were required to illustrate an image of our choice that would be appropriate for application on the vinyl cutter. The the file was uploaded into a program intended to find and trace the vectors, cutting out the sticker. Once finish, we had to take exacto knives to the vinyl sheet and pull/cut out any unnecessary vinyl material.




Monday, January 29, 2018


This past week we continued to work on our first project, along with working on our illustrations for the vinyl stickers. The due date for project 1 is set to be February 15th.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


During this week we experimented with use of the CNC. We first had to draw three ".ai" files and select our favorite to be drawn. The CNC was drawing with a fine point sharpie and had a canvas size of 36in x 24in. We then had to monitor the drawing process to insure proper function of the machine (I'll provide some footage). After 36 minutes of waiting, I had a huge sharpie drawing of Kurt Cobain! Time to start working towards the next assignment...
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